Five reasons why you should get involved in (green) data centers – Sweden’s new primary industry

Sweden is turning into the land of the data center. Did you know there are 1500 in the country? Or that they turnover 15bn SEK a year? It’s like the industrial revolution, but this time it’s a..

May 16, 2018

What is a Tier IV data centre?

Uptime Institute ( the IT industry's most trusted and adopted global standard for the design, build and operation of data centers) uses a tiered-ranking system to rate datacentres according to their..

May 09, 2018

What does downtime mean to a datacenter?

Downtime refers to periods when IT systems are unavailable. In the case of data centres, downtime can more or less mean a catastrophe. Besides the tremendous costs of recovery and loss of..

Apr 25, 2018

Green datacenters – not as green as you think – three things to consider

Thinking about colocation in a green data centre? Congratulations, that’s great news for the planet and for your budget as green data centres are often more cost effective than traditional..

Apr 23, 2018

Miss Group signs contract on colocation services with EcoDataCenter

Miss Group, Sweden's fastest growing web hosting companies, has signed a contract with EcoDataCenter on colocation services .  Miss Group are working with world leading data centers over the..
Mar 19, 2018

Sustainable DataCenter Construction of our First Building in Falun

We are now in the midst of constructing the first house. The roof and walls are up and installations have begun. Again with a unique touch of sustainability: the pipes that will transport heat..
Feb 02, 2018

EcoDataCenter exhibits at the HPC fair in London

EcoDataCenter is one of the exhibitors at the HPC & Big Data fair in London on February 6, 2018. EcoDataCenter’s CEO Lars Schedin, head of sales Børge Granli and sales director Pelle Ahlström are..
Jan 29, 2018

Some good news for the future of data and climate!

The Top 10 Greenest Data Centers in the World are ranked by Energy Digital in their November issue. EcoDataCenter is proud to be ranked as #4, however, when taking Energy Reuse Effectiveness (ERE)..
Nov 17, 2017

New Power Connection in Falun

Work with the new electricity connection from the 130 kV substation Falu Västra to our site in Falun is well under way. This new power infrastructure provide 30 MW of power from one of our fully..
Sep 26, 2017

Huawei Connect 2017 – Interview with CEO of EcoDC Lars Schedin

CEO of EcoDC, Lars Schedin, explains how EcoDataCenter meets the requirements for the world’s first CO2-positive Data Center. Please see the interview at:  ..
Sep 12, 2017