EcoDataCenter lays the foundation for continued expansion with a new CEO and a new company structure

Dec 01, 2020

EcoDataCenter carries out a directed equity issue of SEK 400 million

EcoDataCenter continues its growth, and as of October 23th, an additional SEK 400 million is raised through a directed equity issue.

Nov 04, 2020

EcoDataCenter enters into a multi-year agreement with the H&M Group regarding data center services

The outsourcing enables safer IT operations and an important step towards an increased level of climate-smart data management for the H&M Group.

Oct 09, 2020

EcoDataCenter establishes in Stockholm with two facilities

As of October 1 EcoDataCenter will be established in Stockholm, through the acquisition of two of the region's most modern and energy-efficient data center facilities.

Oct 02, 2020

Loopia chooses EcoDataCenter for sustainable data center services

Loopia, one of the largest players within web services in the Nordic market, works actively to increase sustainability without sacrificing function and security. Now, they are moving their system..

Sep 09, 2020

EcoDataCenter enters into a six-year agreement for HPC Colocation services

EcoDataCenter has been selected as a partner in a six-year agreement regarding colocation services for High Performance Computing (HPC.) The agreement includes 4MW high-density colocations which..

Jul 17, 2020

EcoDataCenter enters a strategic partnership with Arctic Space Technologies

EcoDataCenter supports Arctic Space with data center services to further develop their offer in communication services for satellite operators towards a greener profile and improved flexibility.

Jun 04, 2020

Press Release: EcoDataCenter To Deploy World’s First Chassis-Level Immersion Liquid Cooling Solution from Iceotope, Schneider Electric and Avnet

EcoDataCenter in Falun, the world's first climate-positive data center, is now taking another step towards reduced energy use. A new method for liquid-based cooling, developed in a collaboration..

May 12, 2020

Press Release: Telia Carrier provides global connectivity

Stockholm – 18  June 2019 – Telia Carrier announced today its partnership with EcoDataCenter, the world’s first climate positive data centre. As part of Telia Company, Telia Carrier is committed..

Jun 18, 2019

Press Release: EcoDataCenter and Fortlax merge with the ambition to create a Nordic giant

Press Release2019-06-03EcoDataCenter has reached a merger agreement with the owners of the data center company Fortlax. The merger represents a clear strengthening of the position in the Nordic..

Jun 03, 2019

Press Release: EcoDataCenter builds a second data center

Press Release

May 07, 2019

Can you afford not to go green with your IT operations?

With ever-increasing pressure on IT budgets, and ever-increasing pressure on businesses to reduce their environmental footprint, companies must look for IT solutions that are not only..

Mar 12, 2019

EcoDataCenter Appoints Mikael Svanfeldt as New CTO

Another recruitment to EcoDataCenter! We are happy to welcome Mikael Svanfeldt as our new CTO. Mikael has a solid technical experience after ten years at Schneider Electric, and his..
Mar 05, 2019

Broaden your customer base through greener IT operations

Today, the scrutiny of business behaviour is greater than ever. Reputations are no longer made solely by the services you offer to customers, but by the values a company lives by and the actions..

Feb 22, 2019

Are businesses accountable enough for their IT emissions?

In recent years it has become impossible to ignore the importance of sustainability reports, as businesses are increasingly held accountable for their values and behaviour. Climate change, and the..

Feb 19, 2019

New Sales Director Appointed to EcoDataCenter

We welcome Claes Björkengren as Sales Director at EcoDataCenter. Claes will become instrumental when the company now increases investments in growth within (1) colocation, (2) acquisitions and..
Feb 13, 2019

The carbon footprint of the IT-sector: How long before awakening?

In an article in Nature, published on September 12, 2018 it is stated that data centers are rapidly becoming major energy consumers worldwide. Yet, very few companies screen the carbon footprint..

Feb 05, 2019

Colocation vs Cloud Hosting

Do you have a hard time choosing between colocation hosting and the cloud? Or maybe you think why even consider colocation when there  is cloud. Well, here are some insights for you.

Dec 03, 2018

Differences between Managed Hosting and Colocation


Pricing: With colocation, the initial cost is higher than for managed hosting due to the purchasing of a server.  However, managed services tends to be more expensive over time given the..

Dec 03, 2018

Are auditors overlooking the physical security of data?

Data security and preventing cyber-attacks is usually a key consideration in an auditor’s risk assessment. But another aspect of keeping your business up and running, keeping your data secure and..

Nov 27, 2018

Sustainability in Data Centers and Your Bottom Line

When assessing your data center services, are environmental factors a ‘nice to have’ or an integral focus alongside cost and efficiency? Many companies will admit that sustainability hasn’t always..

Nov 20, 2018

The Cost of Going IT Alone: Outsourced vs In-House Data Centers

For many companies, the management of its own data center is not likely to be of strategic importance. An increasing number are turning to outsourced services, but not only because of the..

Nov 13, 2018

Press release: EcoDataCenter Gets New Principal Owner in Move to Consolidate the Data Center Market With Climate Positive Concept

EcoDataCenter  has completed a directed share issue of SEK 200 million to step up its focus on carbon-positive and climate-adjusted data centers. The share issue was subscribed by a Swedish real..

Nov 06, 2018

Huge Media Attention for the World's First Carbon-Dioxide Positive Data Center

Last week's press release on EcoDataCenter's launch of the first carbon-dioxide positive datacenter in the world, drew great attention. Now more than ever, we need positive solutions to the..
Oct 11, 2018

Press Release: EcoDataCenter to Put the World’s First Carbon-Positive Data Center into Operation

Increased digitalization will lead to data processing at data centers using one-fifth of the world’s total energy production as early as 2025, as calculations from several researchers and experts..

Oct 04, 2018

Data centers remain unprepared for disasters

Uptime Institute has just released their annual global data center survey, with respondents from 867 data center operators and IT practitioners. And paradoxically (quoting the study):  "Most..

Aug 30, 2018

The (Cost) Benefits of Colocation

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is not a new idea, but it’s a solid way to work out what you will have to pay for a product or service. It takes every possible cost involved in owning or running..

Aug 21, 2018

The cost-efficiency of an environmentally friendly datacenter

When you think of eco-friendly goods there’s often a warning bell ringing in your head saying, ‘this is going to cost a premium’. It seems organic food, fairly traded clothing and electric cars..

Aug 14, 2018

Our demand for internet, IT, cloud services and data - the secret climate offender.

Today’s information driven society goes under the radar in terms of its dependence on fossil fuels. Despite producing more emissions that the airline sector, it’s something we don’t particularly..

Aug 07, 2018

Changing the Driving Seat with Colocation

“But we will lose control” – cries a manager when somebody suggests outsourcing data center operations. And keeping infrastructure in-house certainly does mean that you sit in the driving seat,..

Jul 30, 2018

How to cut your IT carbon emissions in one easy step

Do you know that the IT industry produces the same amount of carbon dioxide as the airline business? Many people overlook this startling fact and, therefore, don’t even think about including IT..

Jun 06, 2018

The difference between EcoDataCenter and other data centers

People are asking us what makes EcoDataCenter so different? The answer lies in clever design. Big and small details have created four crucial differences – security, downtime, cost efficiency and..

May 30, 2018

Five reasons why you should get involved in (green) data centers – Sweden’s new primary industry

Sweden is turning into the land of the data center. Did you know there are 1500 in the country? Or that they turnover 15bn SEK a year? It’s like the industrial revolution, but this time it’s a..

May 16, 2018

What does downtime mean to a datacenter?

Downtime refers to periods when IT systems are unavailable. In the case of data centres, downtime can more or less mean a catastrophe. Besides the tremendous costs of recovery and loss of..

Apr 25, 2018

Green datacenters – not as green as you think – three things to consider when choosing you colocation provider

Thinking about colocation in a green data centre? Congratulations, that’s great news for the planet and for your budget as green data centres are often more cost effective than traditional..

Apr 23, 2018

Miss Group signs contract on colocation services with EcoDataCenter

Miss Group, Sweden's fastest growing web hosting companies, has signed a contract with EcoDataCenter on colocation services. Miss Group are working with world leading data centers over the world,..

Mar 19, 2018

Sustainable DataCenter Construction of our First Building in Falun

We are now in the midst of constructing the first house. The roof and walls are up and installations have begun. Again with a unique touch of sustainability: the pipes that will transport heat..
Feb 02, 2018

EcoDataCenter exhibits at the HPC fair in London

EcoDataCenter is one of the exhibitors at the HPC & Big Data fair in London on February 6, 2018. EcoDataCenter’s CEO Lars Schedin, head of sales Børge Granli and sales director Pelle Ahlström are..

Jan 29, 2018

Some good news for the future of data and climate!

The Top 10 Greenest Data Centers in the World are ranked by Energy Digital in their November issue. EcoDataCenter is proud to be ranked as #4, however, when taking Energy Reuse Effectiveness (ERE)..
Nov 17, 2017

New Power Connection in Falun

Work with the new electricity connection from the 130 kV substation Falu Västra to our site in Falun is well under way. This new power infrastructure provide 30 MW of power from one of our fully..
Sep 26, 2017

Huawei Connect 2017 – Interview with CEO of EcoDC Lars Schedin

CEO of EcoDC, Lars Schedin, explains how EcoDataCenter meets the requirements for the world’s first CO2-positive Data Center. Please see the interview at:  ..
Sep 12, 2017

Pelle Ahlström joins EcoDataCenter as Sales Director

Feb 02, 2017

Power Infrastructure in Falun Completed to Our Site

Work with new redundant electricity connection from the 130 kV substations to our site in Falun has been completed. This new power infrastructure provide 30 MW of power from fully redundant (2N)..
Nov 22, 2016

Multiple Redundant Fiber Connections in Falun

Construction of a multiple redundant fiber infrastructure in Falun is underway. Fully diversely routed fiber cables with large amounts of fiber is being constructed.
Oct 20, 2016

Lars Schedin joins EcoDataCenter as Chief Executive Officer

Lars Schedin has been appointed Chief Executive Officer in EcoDataCenter. Lars has extensive experience in outsourcing and in private equity businesses.
Sep 12, 2016

Site Construction Work Being Finalized in Falun

Work to prepare the 80.000 m2 large site in Falun is almost complete. This makes the site for construction of four data center buildings, each with 7.000 m2. These buildings can handle up to more..
Aug 24, 2016

Accredited Tier Designer

Our CTO, Jan Lundquist, has completed Uptime Institute’s Accredited Tier Designer (ATD) program. The ATD program is intended for professional engineers responsible for data center design and the..
Jul 05, 2016

Film From the Ground Work

Ground Work at our 80.000 m2 site in Falun has been restarted after winter break.

May 30, 2016