What does downtime mean to a datacenter?

Apr 25, 2018

Downtime refers to periods when IT systems are unavailable. In the case of data centres, downtime can more or less mean a catastrophe. Besides the tremendous costs of recovery and loss of business, companies often overlook the effect on corporate reputation and the loss of customers. A study on the cost of downtime made in 2016 by Ponemon Institute, mentioned the following areas of impact:

  • Damage to mission-critical data
  • Impact on organisational productivity
  • Damage to equipment and other assets
  • Cost of detecting and fixing systems and core business processes
  • Legal and regulatory impact, including litigation defence costs
  • Loss of confidence and trust among key stakeholders
  • Weakened brand and reputation

Another study made 2017 by ITIC show that 98% of large organisations with more than 1000 employees  say that on average, an hour of downtime annually cost them over $100,000.

Datacenters are rated by Uptime Institute från Tier I-IV depending on their reliability. EcoDataCenter offers 100% uptime for our Tier IV services.  Read more about Tier IV here.