Press Release: EcoDataCenter builds a second data center

Press Release

May 07, 2019

Can you afford not to go green with your IT operations?

With ever-increasing pressure on IT budgets, and ever-increasing pressure on businesses to reduce their environmental footprint, companies must look for IT solutions that are not only..

Mar 12, 2019

EcoDataCenter Appoints Mikael Svanfeldt as New CTO

Another recruitment to EcoDataCenter! We are happy to welcome Mikael Svanfeldt as our new CTO. Mikael has a solid technical experience after ten years at Schneider Electric, and his..
Mar 05, 2019

Broaden your customer base through greener IT operations

Today, the scrutiny of business behaviour is greater than ever. Reputations are no longer made solely by the services you offer to customers, but by the values a company lives by and the actions..

Feb 22, 2019

Are businesses accountable enough for their IT emissions?

In recent years it has become impossible to ignore the importance of sustainability reports, as businesses are increasingly held accountable for their values and behaviour. Climate change, and the..

Feb 19, 2019

New Sales Director Appointed to EcoDataCenter

We welcome Claes Björkengren as Sales Director at EcoDataCenter. Claes will become instrumental when the company now increases investments in growth within (1) colocation, (2) acquisitions and..
Feb 13, 2019

The carbon footprint of the IT-sector: How long before awakening?

In an article in Nature, published on September 12, 2018 it is stated that data centers are rapidly becoming major energy consumers worldwide. Yet, very few companies screen the carbon footprint..

Feb 05, 2019

Colocation vs Cloud Hosting

Do you have a hard time choosing between colocation hosting and the cloud? Or maybe you think why even consider colocation when there  is cloud. Well, here are some insights for you.

Dec 03, 2018

Differences between Managed Hosting and Colocation


Pricing: With colocation, the initial cost is higher than for managed hosting due to the purchasing of a server.  However, managed services tends to be more expensive over time given the..

Dec 03, 2018

Are auditors overlooking the physical security of data?

Data security and preventing cyber-attacks is usually a key consideration in an auditor’s risk assessment. But another aspect of keeping your business up and running, keeping your data secure and..

Nov 27, 2018