The (Cost) Benefits of Colocation

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is not a new idea, but it’s a solid way to work out what you will have to pay for a product or service. It takes every possible cost involved in owning or running..

Aug 21, 2018

The cost-efficiency of an environmentally friendly datacenter

When you think of eco-friendly goods there’s often a warning bell ringing in your head saying, ‘this is going to cost a premium’. It seems organic food, fairly traded clothing and electric cars..

Aug 14, 2018

Our demand for internet, IT, cloud services and data - the secret climate offender.

Today’s information driven society goes under the radar in terms of its dependence on fossil fuels. Despite producing more emissions that the airline sector, it’s something we don’t particularly..

Aug 07, 2018

Changing the Driving Seat with Colocation

“But we will lose control” – cries a manager when somebody suggests outsourcing data center operations. And keeping infrastructure in-house certainly does mean that you sit in the driving seat,..

Jul 30, 2018

How to cut your IT carbon emissions in one easy step

Do you know that the IT industry produces the same amount of carbon dioxide as the airline business? Many people overlook this startling fact and, therefore, don’t even think about including IT..

Jun 06, 2018

The difference between EcoDataCenter and other data centers

People are asking us what makes EcoDataCenter so different? The answer lies in clever design. Big and small details have created four crucial differences – security, downtime, cost efficiency and..

May 30, 2018

Five reasons why you should get involved in (green) data centers – Sweden’s new primary industry

Sweden is turning into the land of the data center. Did you know there are 1500 in the country? Or that they turnover 15bn SEK a year? It’s like the industrial revolution, but this time it’s a..

May 16, 2018

What does downtime mean to a datacenter?

Downtime refers to periods when IT systems are unavailable. In the case of data centres, downtime can more or less mean a catastrophe. Besides the tremendous costs of recovery and loss of..

Apr 25, 2018

Green datacenters – not as green as you think – three things to consider when choosing you colocation provider

Thinking about colocation in a green data centre? Congratulations, that’s great news for the planet and for your budget as green data centres are often more cost effective than traditional..

Apr 23, 2018

Miss Group signs contract on colocation services with EcoDataCenter

Miss Group, Sweden's fastest growing web hosting companies, has signed a contract with EcoDataCenter on colocation services. Miss Group are working with world leading data centers over the world,..

Mar 19, 2018