Sustainability in Data Centers and Your Bottom Line

Nov 20, 2018

When assessing your data center services, are environmental factors a ‘nice to have’ or an integral focus alongside cost and efficiency? Many companies will admit that sustainability hasn’t always been a key consideration, but this is changing. with a rise in green data centers offering cost efficiency through climate positive sites, the reputational damage and financial impact of not focussing on sustainability is significant.

Young businesswoman analyzing data information of market

Today, the data center industry produces more CO2 than the entire airline industry. The cost of electricity accounts for the major part of  the total cost of operations, and 70% of the world's electricity is from fossile sources – oil, gas and coal.

Data centers require a lot of energy for cooling as servers emit a lot of heat, but most businesses and data centers do nothing with the energy that’s created. It is simply released into the environment, creating a ‘heat island’ and changing the immediate environment. This is a wasted opportunity, environmentally and financially.

It is possible to re-use the heat that a data center creates, so that it has a climate-positive footprint.  The heat can be supplied to a third-party, such as a factory or energy plant, taking away its reliance on fossil fuels and eliminating tonnes of emissions, all while reducing running costs.

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More companies are focussing on sustainability, and those companies who do not publicise their efforts are being exposed for their failings. In addition, more and more institutional investors are complaining about a lack of focus on sustainability, and this demand will only become more pronounced as more engaged younger generations grow up and gain greater financial influence.

The risk of reputational damage to your business is high if you have a poor environmental record. If many businesses are moving their data center services to more environmentally sound and operationally secure solutions, you could be left behind. If you are ahead of your peers you have a reputational asset. If you are comfortably among the pack you have reputational safety. But if you are trailing behind what others are doing there is a risk that it will cause reputational damage, which directly impacts the stability of your business.

With 100% operational safety and 100% uptime being delivered from climate-positive sites, this creates superior services that are also energy efficient, which is good for your bottom line and good for the planet. This trend is one that will only increase in pace. Where will you be sitting in the pack?