The cost-efficiency of an environmentally friendly datacenter

Aug 14, 2018

When you think of eco-friendly goods there’s often a warning bell ringing in your head saying, ‘this is going to cost a premium’. It seems organic food, fairly traded clothing and electric cars all cost a bit more than their eco-unfriendly counterparts.

However, there’s one thing that doesn’t have to be more expensive and sometimes it even costs less - an environmentally friendly data center. 

With ever increasing pressure on IT budgets to get more value for money, going green in your data center could be a wise decision. And it not only saves on the balance sheet - it could broaden your customer base as more people turn to companies with good sustainability credentials.


It may seem counter intuitive that something so intrinsically expensive – a data center – can cost less by installing pricey technologies to minimise environmental impact. But it can be done, and colocation facilities are bringing costs down for their customers.

Data centers spend the most money on power. With energy producers dropping the price of renewable energy, it’s predicted to be in line with fossil fuel generation by 2020. Here in Sweden we benefit from plentiful hydro and wind power, in fact it’s the only option for our facility in Falun. Plus, the government introduced a generous tax break for datacenters, which means we already pay less than our European neighbours and many places around the world.

To find out more about choosing a colocation partner download our white paper that will guide you through the process:

Download our whitepaper on how to evaluate data centers

Green data centers also reduce their prices by making money from the excess heat produced in the server rooms. To do this they create a closed system that takes the hot air away from the datacenter and repurposes it into heat for housing or hospitals. This way the electricity companies pay the data centers.

Choosing a colocation facility of any kind also brings obvious economies of scale. By sharing a facility with other tenants, you only pay a proportion of the data centers running cost.

At EcoDataCenters, we go even further to ensure our customers get the best price. From white server cabinets to finely tuned fans, we use smart design and clever engineering to minimise energy use and cut the cost of our services. 

If eco-friendly colocation data centers pass on these savings to their customers, they can compete and win on price with more traditionally designed facilities.