The difference between EcoDataCenter and other data centers

May 30, 2018

People are asking us what makes EcoDataCenter so different? The answer lies in clever design. Big and small details have created four crucial differences – security, downtime, cost efficiency and sustainability - that set us apart from the competition.

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We offer the best physical security on the market. Passive protection like walls, fences and entrances is complemented by active measures like modern security systems and smart fire suppression. To find out more about our security we recommend that you come and visit:


Our colocation services are totally free from downtime – both planned and unplanned. In an earlier blog post we explained what data centre downtime can mean. The average interruption costs a business up to 740,000 USD so 100% uptime is important when you calculate costs and risk.

Cost effectiveness

We aim to have an unrivalled Total Cost of Operations (TCO). What we can offer our customers hits all our competitors out of the ball park thanks to low energy prices, maximum energy effectiveness and energy reuse, 100% uptime and sustainability gains. Feel free to test us on this and compare your current costs with what you would get by choosing us. 


It goes without saying that our data centers run on renewable power. And of course, our focus on energy reuse and energy efficiency helps build our sustainability credentials. But we don’t stop there. We look at the big picture – reducing the use of fossil fuels by using excess heat to dry wood pellets – and the small details – like the fire suppression system.